Conservation is at the heart of Emirates Park Zoo’s mission. Emirates Park Zoo is committed to reaching thousands of children and adults every year with the unique opportunity to connect them with nature. Most important aim is to learn visitors about conservation issues and take action to make a difference for wildlife.

We need nature, and nature needs us to take action. We are connected to Mother Nature with the air we breathe, the water we drink and the climate that shapes our food sources. In this respect, to build a sustainable future for our children we are trying to find smarter ways to manage our habitats and environment. Conserving animals is at the heart of the solution. Emirates Park Zoo is taking action to protect diversity by slowing the unnaturally high rate of species extinction. While we provide abundances and the ecological services. We recognise that our own well being is inextricably linked to the well-being of wildlife and wild places.

Emirates Park Zoo is proud to be a part of various Conservation Projects. Our current projects involve successfully helping to protect many species including cheetahs, tigers and other animals needing human care and protection. Emirates Park Zoo is home to around 1500 animals and 225 different species. The zoo is unique where you can find many wild animals in close proximity without compromising on the environment and at the same time conserving nature.

The Future of Wildlife is in our Hands

Emirates Park Zoo took the lead with the World Wildlife Day festivities by choosing to celebrate the day with children and focusing on education to raise their awareness to wildlife conservation issues.

On World Wildlife Day, March 3rd, we organize special activities to boost awareness about wildlife. The program was based on the official World Wildlife Day 2016 theme, ‘The future of wildlife is in our hands’ set by the United Nations.

Conservation Activities: Get Involved!

“The Story of Jasper, the Cheetah that Paints”

“Endangered species: Amur Leopard”