red fox t emirates park zoo

Arabian Red Fox
April 6, 2017

Arabian Red Fox is a nocturnal animal mainly active at night. They have a long tail and short legs. Their body color is red having black throat and white abdomen, their lower legs and ears are reddish, with a reddish-brown bushy tail, tipped in white. They have long canines and a limited skull. Arabian Red fox are omnivores and mainly feed on small rodents, ground squirrels, voles, woodchucks, deer mice, waterfowls and hamsters. The female fox is called vixen and can have up to five cubs. They are more adopted to desert life and mainly found in Asia, Europe, North America and introduced into Australia.

Dora-The-Explorer at emirates park zoo

Dora the Explorer at Emirates Park Zoo

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Blue and Gold Macaws

Meerkat was rescued by Emirates Park zoo

Lucky, The Meerkat Rescued By Emirates Park Zoo