School Rates

Please be aware : This rates are only for schools booked in advance.

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school rates at emirates park zoo

Note: All Schools are welcome to Emirates Park Zoo. Our school packages include: one (1) complimentary Adult Package for each ten (10) student packages booked.  All students must be accompanied by teachers all the time. Behavior and guidance of the students will be the teacher responsibility.

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Educational Activities:

Educational Show:                                    15 AED extra per child

Elephant Show – Experience:                  15 AED extra per child

Sea Lion Show – Experience:                  15 AED extra per child

Reptile or Mammals Presentation:           15 AED extra per child

Group Tour Guide:                                    10 AED extra per child

Drumming Lessons:                                  10 AED extra per child

Mini Gardeners                                         5 AED extra per child

Bu Tinah Island and UAE animals:           5 AED extra per child

Life Under Water:                                     5 AED extra per child

Endangered Animals:                               5 AED extra per child

Please be on time. Shows, presentation and encounters activities are not refundable.



Healthy Snack Pack (Fruit and Juice):  10 AED extra per child

Luch Box (Burger or Nuggets Plus Fries and Juice): 15  AED extra per child

Other Experiences :

Fun Games: 15  AED extra per child (2 games included per child)

Driving School: 15  AED extra per child (1 ride included per child)


One Big Group Photo: 55 AED

One Small Group Photo: 35 AED

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