School Programs

Emirates Park Zoo educational team work closely with schools to develop information that engages and inspires young people. We offer Zoo Tours with educators, interactions and presentations for school groups across our extensive facility.

If you’re hungry for more, student can take advantage of the many feeding experiences, where our expert staff will fill you in on the daily diet while your group get up close with the animals and throughout the year, we host a program of edutainment events, like Elephant Encounters, Bird & Sea Lion shows as well as Reptile Interactions, to raise awareness of animal conservation issues and threats.

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Our educators are trained and well prepared as they take you on a guided tour through Emirates Park Zoo. Enjoy fun and educational trips with our zoo educators and they can share their knowledge also.


All students must be accompanied by teachers with the adult  all the time. Behavior and guidance of the students will be the school responsibility.

Educator Tour Guide

A unique experience, available for students of all ages, with the change to exploring the zoo and enjoy grass feeding of domestic animals across the petting zoo and giraffe park including: giraffes, zebras, donkeys, goats and many more.

 grass feeding animals at Emirates park Zoo and Resort

Checkout the latest animal presentation in our newly opened animal theater and the African drummers and dancers in action. This is a great opportunity for your students to learn in an engaging, high energy environment.

Educational Fun Show at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort

Elephant Encounter

A chance to meet “Madu and Rada”, the only Indian Elephants in the GCC. Enjoy the opportunity to get up close and feed the elephants while listening to the informative keeper talk.

Elephant Encounter

Sea Lion Show

Learn more about sea lions behavior and how they are using their flippers to stand and swim.  Watch them moving, walking and joggling to ask a question.  Do you know what is this question?

Come to see them !
Sea Lion Show at emirates park zoo and resort

Get close to these ancient creatures in the world.  Move slowly, touch,  feel and love them. Know them better and help them in the future.

Reptile Interaction

Mini Gardener

40% of the earth’s oxygen comes from the forests.  Be a part of the ecosystem by learning how to plant  today to conserve our planet tomorrow. Hands on the garden and plant with us!

mini gardener

Life Under Water

Do fish get thirsty? Do they need to drink? This is the opportunity for your students to learn funnier facts about life under the water in our mini aquarium.

Life under water

Bu Tinah Island and UAE Animals

Second largest population of dugong in the world is an example of virgin ecosystem.

Endangered Animals

Dinosaurius, Mammuts  …. We have lost many partners during last few years.  Who else is going to extinct from the earth? Who will become the next? Let your students be the voice for these voiceless animals. Be a part of animals conservation.

Endangered Animals

Drumming Lesson

Fume-Fume is a traditional dance of the Cra People of Ghana. Come and move your body with the rhythm of African drum and dance lessons.

Drumming Lesson


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