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About Us

Welcome to Emirates Park Zoo, a place of fun, learning and adventure for the young and young at heart! Launched in 2008 as the first private zoo in the UAE, it is now home to a colorful ambassador of wildlife and an ever growing menu of features, attractions and interactive activities. Emirates Park Zoo is built on the promise that every guest will be able to appreciate the natural world all over again after a visit – taking home new discoveries, unique experiences and unforgettable memories. With a laidback and family-oriented atmosphere, the zoo is a place that inspires and encourages kids and adults alike to explore, have fun and stay connected to nature and wildlife.

Message from the Chairman

Dear Guests,
In our fast paced and technology-driven world, it’s easy to be swept up and distracted by the gizmos and gadgets around us. So much so, that we often forget to stop and marvel at the natural rhythm of life and the beauty of our surroundings. At Emirates Park Zoo, we offer unique and alternative activities because we believe in the value of exposing people, especially the younger generations, to a world beyond TV screens, the malls and their techie stuff. Our aim is to help renew this generation’s bond with and appreciation of nature and wildlife. It is also our goal to bring people closer to a better understanding of animals, so that we will always respect their right to sustain their way of life, without threat to their habitat or to their existence. Hopefully, visiting our zoo will lead to a sense of commitment to preserving an environment where animals can thrive and nature can flourish.

And so, I wish all of you a happy rediscovery…


At Emirates Park Zoo, we seek to inspire and empower successive generations to care for the animals we share this environment with.Our tools are our exhibits, outreach into all the communities, educational programs for children at school and a research facility for students in universities within the Emirate and internationally.

Everything we do is oriented toward protecting wildlife so that we, and future societies, continue to enjoy the joy and the benefits of our natural world.


To inform, educate and entertain children of all ages about the magic and wonders of the animal kingdom in Abu Dhabi.


At Emirates Park Zoo, everything we do is oriented towards protecting our wildlife so that we, and the future generations, can enjoy and benefit from the natural world.

We want to create a natural environment where people can learn about animals and nature through fun, educational and interactive activities and programs. Our aim is to educate and entertain people of all ages about animal kingdom through various tools, including exhibits, community outreach and educational programs in schools and research facilities within the UAE and internationally.



We invest in our staff so that we can provide the highest quality care to every animal entrusted to us, and offer the best service to our visitors, community and nation.


We are passionate about conserving the animals of our region; environmental responsibility is reflected in all our actions, practices and programs.


We treat our staff, our public and our animals with dignity. We listen thoughtfully and communicate effectively with each other and with our visitors and communities.


We work together as a team, with diligence and dedication, toward a common vision of a successful and respected Emirates Park Zoo.


We will engage with our fellow zoos and organizations to create a thriving network of mutually-beneficial partnerships with the common goal of conserving our planet’s wildlife riches.


We approach our work with energy, enthusiasm and a desire to create enjoyable experiences for all-staff and visitor alike.