Flamingo Park

flamingo at emirates park zoo

Come to Flamingo Park and enjoy our wading birds. Flamingos often stand on one leg, the other leg tucked beneath the body. The reason for this behaviour is not fully understood but recent research indicates that standing on one leg may allow these birds to conserve more body heat.


  • Flamingos spend 15-30% of the day in cleaning their feathers.
  • Flamingos hold their breath while feeding.
  • Baby flamingos will hatch in the nest made of mud.
  • Pelicans eat fish, tadpoles, crustaceans and sometimes even turtles.
  • After catching pray, pelican pushes water to the sides, and then moves the food into the throat and swallows it.
  • The oldest crane that survived for the longest span was the siberian crane named Wolf. It lived for 83 years!