Petting Zoo

petting-zoo at emirates park zoo

Meet our gorgeous camels, ostriches, sheep, goats, farm animals and pets. Our petting zoo will allow you to get close to our domestic animals,  to interact and to feed some of them.


  • Baby camels are born without humps.
  • A thirsty camel can drink up to 135 liters in one sitting!
  • Asian camels have two humps whereas Arabian camels only have one.
  • Mother and child camel pairings are extremely close, staying together for several years.
  • The flightless ostrich is the world’s largest bird.
  • Ostriches have three stomachs.
  • Ostriches are the fast runners of any birds or other two-legged animal. So they can sprint at over 70 km per hour.
  • The giant eggs are the largest of any living bird at 15cm long and weighing as much as two dozen chicken eggs.
  • The ostrich has the largest eye of any land animal, measuring almost 5 cm across, allowing predators such as lions to be seen at long distances.