Dora the Explorer at Emirates Park Zoo
May 27, 2016

On May 1st, 2016 Dora the Explorer of Nickelodeon channel fame, visited Emirates Park Zoo and Resort to promote the upcoming ‘Dora’s Pirate Adventure’ live show, scheduled for May 12-14 in Du Arena at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. More than 300 children between the ages 2 to 6, from nurseries across Abu Dhabi, met and interacted with Dora the Explorer at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort. Dora and the tiny tots scouted the zoo while feeding the animals together. A lively African dance show received the kids at the end of the zoo exploration venture, where children roared with laughter as Dora joined the dancers on stage for the merriment.

Emirates Park Zoo & Resort is thrilled to host the lovely Dora team at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort. The Dora experience is a memorable one that will stay close to the children’s heart considering how popular she is globally, especially in the UAE. It was a pleasure to see the excitement and wonder of the children as they saw Dora in the flesh. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort identify as a child friendly establishment and will continue organizing events that caters specially to the interests of children. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort provided free entry tickets and hosted shows for the participants of the event. The exciting day ended with Dora posing with each and every child for photographs before gifting them with an exclusive 10% discount voucher for the ‘Dora’s Pirate Adventure’ live show.

Blue and Gold Macaws


Southern Ground Hornbills, the Largest Hornbill in the World


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