Emirates Park Zoo and Resort Cited as the Ultimate Destination for School Trips
October 27, 2016

An educational experience showcasing over 2000 animals awaits students at Emirates Park Zoo. Schools can now discover the largest collection of nature and wildlife at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort, by treating your students to a day-spend at the zoo. The private zoo offers a school package for children who will enjoy an interaction experience with animals, science and technology as well as conservation. Emirates Park Zoo aims to educate and entertain adults and children alike on animal and nature conservation and sustainability. The students can watch and interact with more than 2000 mammals, reptiles, birds, and aquatic animals through a tour led by a professional Zoo educator. Take a walk around the wildlife parks such as bird park, snake alley, reptile house, giraffe park, primate promenade, and the aquarium. A petting area is designed for children to mingle with farm animals. Students can also participate in feeding animals or in planting in the mini garden. The management has unveiled a host of additional interactive features in order to make the package more exciting and educational fun. The package is tailored around the specifications enumerated by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and is recognized as being a child friendly, safe environment. Educational entertainment events prepared by the diligent staff at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort is tailored to provide a multi layered venture that includes learning and entertainment. Its newly opened animal theater showcases interactive reptile and mammal presentations. The famed elephant encounter has Madu and Rada, the resident elephants who joins in the Edutainment with the young group.  In addition, Emirates Park Zoo and Resort hosts musical performances and lessons featuring African drummers as well as magic shows.

Crowned Pigeon at emirates park zoo and resort

The Western Crowned-Pigeons


Siberian Tiger


Barn Owls