Emirates Park Zoo Encourages Students to contribute to sustainability and conservation
October 18, 2016

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort has introduced the school visit packages offering students the opportunity to participate in the cultivation of plants in the gardens of the zoo and to enjoy a hands-on experience with the animals residing at the zoo.  The mini expedition expands children’s knowledge on agriculture and raises awareness on a topic that goes largely ignored. Regarding the new feature of the school visit, it is worth to emphasize the importance of promoting sustainability and conservation and how everybody can contribute to it.

In addition, students are encouraged to interact and feed farm animals at the petting zoo with a thrilling tour around the bird park, snake alley, reptile house, giraffe park, primate promenade, and the aquarium. Children will leave the visit with a new-found interest and a pocketful of information on wildlife and how they can protect it and how to be a part of the conservation process. Edutainment  events prepared by the diligent staff at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort is tailored to provide a multi layered venture that includes learning and entertainment and are designed around the specifications enumerated by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC). Emirates Park Zoo programs include fun, educational and interactive elements so that visitors can learn first-hand about the beauty and importance of nature and wildlife.

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort’s school package includes a complimentary adult package for every ten-student package that is booked. Schools may also add educational activities that are not included in the package. For more information you can contact the Emirates Park Zoo School Team 055-5241341 (Arabic) and 052-9113990 (English).

This stunning, emerald egg is an EMU EGG !!!

Leopard at emirates park zoo and resort



World Wildlife Day at Emirates Park Zoo