Jasper and Shazly cheetah at emirates park zoo and resort

Endangered Species Day
May 18, 2017

“Jasper” and “Shazly” are our two cheetah boys who were part of a group of 15 cheetah cubs confiscated by the government at the Saudi Arabia border. It is thought that someone was smuggling them into the country to be sold as pets. The man was caught and  the cheetahs were taken. 3 went to another facility in the UAE, 8 went to different facility as well, and 4 came to us. They were ridden with disease and 2 died within the first few days of us having them, despite all the treatment and care we could provide. Jasper and Shazly pulled through, and although they aren’t brothers, they think they are because they’ve been raised together. They’ve been happy here every sense and are used as educational animals to explain about horrors of the exotic pet trade.

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