Lucky, The Meerkat Rescued By Emirates Park Zoo
February 2, 2017

“Lucky” the meerkat was found in a lady’s garden in Al Bahia. A lady didn’t know what the animal was, and was afraid of it because of how it looked. So she took a picture of it and came to the zoo to show a staff member. We discovered that the animal she had in her garden was indeed a meerkat (not native to this country, and therefore probably purchased as a pet from the Meena market and discarded or escaped). We went with the carnivore team and boxes and gloves. Then caught the little guy and brought him back to the zoo.

He was severely dehydrated, and had a massive wound on his upper lip where parasites had eaten away most of his upper lip into his gums. We didn’t think he would survive the night, but treated him nonetheless with antibacterial scrubs, antibiotics, and fluids. He pulled through, and we found out he actually loves human attention. He is now very happy in the zoo with his girlfriend Tiny. Now he is very helpful as an educational animal to show people what can happen when exotics are bought as pets.


Against animal abuse Emirate park zoo will participate to WALK FOR ANIMALS 2017 , this 10th of February . For more informations


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