Elephant at Emirates Park Zoo and Resort

Save the Elephant Day
April 16, 2017

Madu and Rada were taken from a small performing circus where they were chained to the ground by all 4 feet for most of their lives, (estimated between 30 and 40 years). Both were trained for circus behaviors using bull-hook and were living in an outdoor tent and it was a long and arduous journey to settle them so that they could be released into an open enclosure. First the elephants were released for small periods of time in the enclosure while being attended by a specialist vet flown in from Germany, then progressively, they were left out unattended most of the time.
Both had serious mental health problems and aggression issues that we have had to work with as well but now they are calm and comfortable enough to do interactions, feedings and to participate in educational talks for children, without using circus behaviors. Instead we use educational husbandry behaviors such as opening the mouth, showing strength by crushing a coconut, playing in the water or having fun spraying water on our guests.

This stunning, emerald egg is an EMU EGG !!!


Siberian Tiger

Madu and Rada at emirates park zoo and resort

Madu and Rada are back in action