Emirates Park Zoo and Resort Offers the Perfect Family-Friendly Staycation
September 26, 2016

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort prepares to accommodate more visitors who love living amidst beautiful sights and the soothing sounds of nature. Emirates Park Resort is the perfect place for families who strive to break free from a hectic lifestyle and only have a few days to do so. The Resort is connected to the premises of the Zoo and features air-conditioned accommodation with balconies overlooking the zoo, cave or garden.

The resort is located 30 minutes away from the city of Abu Dhabi and only two minutes away from the Formula F1 assembly point making it the ideal location as it maintains a good distance from the city. The resort consists of 27 splendid chalets, overlooking the giraffe park and 54 brand new spacious rooms overlooking the swimming pool that are ideal for relaxing away from the hustle of the city.

The magnificent resort is equipped with amenities unique to Emirates Park Zoo and Resort. The most attractive characteristic of the resort that is that the living spaces are accessible from the first private zoo in the UAE. In addition, the resort consists of a refreshing waterfall and a glorious view of the animals making it perfect for nature lovers.

A day spent at the resort will forever be etched in the memories of occupants as it includes a blend of premium accommodation, services, modern amenities and a lively atmosphere. Emirates Park Resort promises every visitor a wonderful experience as the park includes over 1800 animals, including a majestic pair of white tigers, a 31-year old, 300 kg Siberian bear,  lions, cheetahs, dozens of zebras housed in the zoo’s ‘predators’ and ‘wild animals’ enclosures and much more.

The resort has something for everyone to engage in. From couples, to parents with children, we are sure that each of them share an almost different desire to make their holiday a special one.

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort Defines its Revamped Identity as a Reflection of Fun that Appeals to Children!


Blue and Gold Macaws


Emu V/S Ostrich