Emirates Park Zoo and Resort Defines its Revamped Identity as a Reflection of Fun that Appeals to Children!
August 25, 2016

Emirates Park Zoo and Resort unveiled the new identity that reflects the essence of the unique establishment. The philosophy of the unique concept the facility is to provide families with the opportunity to interact with a large variety of wildlife from all over the world in a safe environment, while being entertained with an abundance of fun. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort that emphasizes on education and learning believes that the new brand has launched the organization as a distinct tourist destination of Abu Dhabi.

By shedding old image and embracing the new fun and forward personality, Emirates Park Zoo and Resort sees itself as a full grown player that will help grow as a tourist and educational institution that prides on providing a world of fun and learning to children and families.  It is Emirates Park Zoo and Resort’s top priority to serve the guests with the best services and treat them with the highest standards of hospitality. The new brand ensures that brand presence is strengthened within the GCC and establishes us as one of the major tourist attractions in the region.

The resort has been undertaking a wide number of expansion projects and renovations aimed to attract more guests and tourists from the UAE, GCC and the west. Emirates Park Zoo and Resort has incorporated elements from entertainment, adventure, sports and culture to create a memorable and unique experience for guests. The team expects to further develop their services and facilities by being updated on current trends and by curating themed experiences during holidays.

Barn Owls

Crowned Pigeon at emirates park zoo and resort

The Western Crowned-Pigeons


Emirates Park Zoo Encourages Students to contribute to sustainability and conservation