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Emirates Park Zoo Learning Programs make learning experiences come alive! With more than 10 years of unraveling the beauty of nature, our friendly Nature Educators conduct fun and discovery-based programs just for your group in Emirates Park Zoo special space across our extensive facility.

A series of amusing and interesting programs awaits you! From activities that require you to put on your thinking caps to the ones that make you face your fears. We offer Zoo tours with educators,, interactions, presentations, edutainment event like Elephant  Encounters, Bird & Sea lion shows as well as reptile interactions, to raise awareness of animal conservation issues and threats. It is happening all at Emirates Park Zoo! Get ready to take on a brand new zooventure!

Please be aware : This rates are only for schools booked in advance.

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school rates at Emiratess park Zoo and Resort

Note: All Schools are welcome to Emirates Park Zoo. Our school packages include: one (1) complimentary Adult Package for each ten (10) student packages booked.  All students must be accompanied by teachers all the time. Behavior and guidance of the students will be the teacher responsibility.

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Small Mammals Interaction

15 AED

Why do they call small mammals? This very cute small animals will be making your day happy along with their appearance and interesting and important facts about their lives. Dessert hedgehog, Armadillo, meerkats and baby goats and lambs will be included to this presentation and kids can interact with them very gently to feel this wonderful animals..

Exotic Birds Show

15 AED

A chance to meet our latest exotic birds, experiencing their unique and entertaining behaviours. You will hear all about these fascinating and beautiful birds fly overhead.

Reptile Presentation

15 AED

Have you ever experienced  how trainers training animals ? we know all of you have a huge interest to know about how to train an animal? In this programs students will be getting remarkable opportunity to practically experience the basic techniques of training sessions with live animals. Under this program they will be understanding  the reality of the scene behind.

Raptors Conservation

10 AED

In this presentation students will get opportunity to learn more about Raptors . This program is a presentation with live birds and a group photo at the end of the presentation with the birds and trainers.(Owls, Eagles, Hawks and Vultures) NOTE: EXCEPT TUESDAYS

How To Train Your Little Pet

10 AED

Have you ever experienced  how trainers train animals ? we know all of you have a huge interest to know about how to train an animal? In this programs students will be getting remarkable opportunity to practically experience the basic techniques of a training session with live animals.

Healthy Pet

10 AED

In this activity students will be learning  important and interesting facts about pet caring. Students will learn interesting facts about animal care and welfare. They will get the opportunity to interact with some pets and learn how to create a healthy living environment  to  keep  a  pet  healthy  and  happy.          NOTE: Cat and dogs only.

Power Of The 3 R’s

10 AED

Be capable to be sustainable. In this program students will be recycling used/wasted papers into usefull papers. In this program students will be learning the power of 3R process (reduce,reuse and recycle )to learn about and eco-friendly world.

Zoo Museum


Have you ever held the largest egg in the world? or have you ever felt the texture of the skin of the largest snake in the world? This interaction session will be a remarkable opportunity to experience many different animal specimens with fun. Eggs, skins,skulls,horns and antlers,feathers,...etc) .  

Bee World


In this program students will learn the social structure of a bee hive. Life cycle of a bee and the importance of Honey bees. Mankind will be able to survive only four more years.

Mini Garden

10 AED

In this program students will learn the importance of plants by an outdoor planting session. Different seeds will be provided.

Endangered Animals

10 AED

In this program, students will be learning important and usefull facts about endangered animals and what is their role in conservation of wildlife.This educational program is a power point presentation.

Fun Games

15 AED

Fun Game is the ideal play centre for children, that provides active and social interactions and offers a safe and secure place to slide, run, climb and jump around, in its playing area, and its more than 5 big rides and 100 machines. Make a remarkable and unforgettable experience in Fun Games. Play, have fun and enjoy our games.

Habitat Game

10 AED

This program is an entertaining quiz about animal habitat. Drumming and learning.

Magic Show

10 AED

Kids will be enjoying different magic tricks with  the  Magician  of  Emirates  Park  Zoo. NOTE: EXCEPT TUESDAYS

African Drumming and Dancing

10 AED

Keep your steps and move your body according to African drumming rhythms. Students will be joining the African Drummers and Dancers of EPZ to learn and enjoy the rhythm of African drums with traditional African dancing with professional dancers and drummers.

Mini Riders (Pony, Horse and Camel)

10 AED

In this activity students will be riding the animal of your choice. (Pony, Horse, and Camel).

Healthy Meal

10 AED

Fresh mix fruit combination of sweet melon, kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, watermelon . Fresh salad with a pack of juice aside.

Lunch Box

15 AED

Well prepared healthy meals. Choice either chicken burger, beef burger, chicken stripes, or chicken nuggets served with fries and a pack juice.

Pen With Logo Personalize pencil with logo 3 AED
Face Mask Face mask in animal characters 7 AED
 Pen with Animal Head  Personalize pencil with collective animal head with logo 7 AED
 Slap Watch  Magnetic Kids watch with different animal characters 12 AED
 Zoo Bottle Water  Extended personalized bottle water with logo Available colors: pink and yellow 17 AED
 Animal Pencil Case  Collective animal character in print with logo  20 AED
 Misting Fans  Portable misting fan available in pink color  25 AED


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